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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use this Rx Discount Card?
Simply print out a card, write your name on the card, and present it at your local pharmacy.  You can ask your pharmacist to input your card ID into the pharmacy's system; this will eliminate the need to present your card each time you fill a prescription. Cards can be photocopied or additional copies can be printed off. You can also access a list of discounted pharmaceuticals and a listing of participating pharmacies in your area.

Can I give it to friends or co-workers to use?
Yes, absolutely!  It can be used by anyone, including family members and friends.  We would especially encourage you to share this program with anyone who does not have prescription drug benefits.

What does it cost me?
Nothing! No obligation! There is no cost to you. This is a benefit for Denver Management Advisors clients, family, and friends provided by Denver Management Advisors.

What are some of the pharmacies that honor this card?
There are over 58,000 participating pharmacy chains, including Bel Air Pharmacy, CVS Pharmacy, Kmart Pharmacy, Longs Drug Store, Nob Hill Pharmacy, Raleys Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Safeway Pharmacy, Save Mart Pharmacy, Savon Drugs, Vons Pharmacy, and Walgreen Drug Stores. Be sure to search for a list of participating pharmacies in your area.

Do I need a prescription to get the Rx discount?
You will need a prescription from your physician to obtain the discount on all medications that typically require a prescription.  However, the program offers discounts on some over-the-counter medications that do not require a prescription, i.e., smoking cessation kits and diabetes supplies.  Please check with your pharmacist to see if the discount applies.  Employees with medical insurance can present both cards to the pharmacy and choose the greater discount.  However, double discounts are not allowed.

What prescription medications are discounted through this program?
Thousands of medications, both brand name and generic, along with several over-the-counter medications, such as smoking cessation aids and diabetes supplies, are included. Many lifestyle drugs which treat conditions such as baldness, impotence, wrinkles, and obesity are covered as well.

Many of the pet medications prescribed by your veterinarian have a "human counterpart" that may be discounted. Check with your pharmacy to see if there is a "human counterpart" and then search our discounted drugs to see if it is on the list of covered pharmaceuticals. Ask your veterinarian for a prescription and have it filled at a participating pharmacy, rather than your veterinarian's office, to take advantage of available discounts.